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Reference index for {Zelig}

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depends.on.zelig {Zelig}Whether a Statistical Package Depends on the Zelig Software Suite
describe {Zelig}Method to describe a model to Zelig
describe.default {Zelig}Default describe function for an arbitrary model This method exists solely as a backup when an author does not contribute a 'describe' function for their model
describe.exp {Zelig}Describe a “exp” model to Zelig
describe.gamma {Zelig}Describe the gamma model to Zelig
describe.logit {Zelig}Describe a `logit' model to Zelig {Zelig}Describe a ls model to Zelig
describe.negbinom {Zelig}Describe the negbinom model to Zelig
describe.normal {Zelig}Describe the normal model to Zelig
describe.poisson {Zelig}Describe the `poisson' model to Zelig
describe.probit {Zelig}Describe the `probit' model to Zelig
describe.tobit {Zelig}Describe a “tobit” model to Zelig
describe.zelig {Zelig}Get Description Object Used to Cite this Zelig Model
description {Zelig}Constructor for the 'description' class
dims {Zelig}Return Dimensions of Vectors, Arrays, and Data Frames