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Reference index for {Zelig}

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z {Zelig}Return value for a zelig2-function
z {Zelig}Zelig reference class
zbayes {Zelig}Bayes Model object for inheritance across models in Zelig
zbinchoice {Zelig}Binary Choice object for inheritance across models in Zelig
zbinchoicegee {Zelig}Object for Binary Choice outcomes in Generalized Estimating Equations for inheritance across models in Zelig
zelig {Zelig}Estimating a Statistical Model
Zelig {Zelig}Zelig Everyone's Statistical Software {Zelig}Create Function Call
zelig.skeleton {Zelig}Creates a Skeleton for a New Zelig package
Zelig.url {Zelig}Table of links for Zelig
zelig2 {Zelig}Interface Between Zelig Models and External Functions
zelig2exp {Zelig}Zelig to Basic GLM Fitting Functions
zelig2factor.bayes {Zelig}Zelig Bridge Functions to Bayesian Models
zelig2gamma.gee {Zelig}Bridge between Zelig and the GEE Model Fitting Functions
zelig2gamma.survey {Zelig}Interface between Zelig and svyglm
zeligBuildWeights {Zelig}Developer Utility Function for Dealing with Observation Weighting
zeligDepStatus {Zelig}Zelig Dependencies Packages Client Status
zeligDepUpdate {Zelig}Download Zelig Dependencies Packages
ZeligDescribeModel {Zelig}Produce a 'description' Object from the Name of a Model
zeligDescribeModelXML {Zelig}Zelig interface functions