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Cavalry {abd}Deaths from Horse Kicks
Chickadees {abd}Alarm Calls in Chickadees
ChimpBrains {abd}Brodmann's Area 44 in Chimps
Cichlids {abd}Cichlid Mating Preference
CichlidsGnRH {abd}GnRH Levels in Cichlids
Clearcuts {abd}Biomass Change in Rainforests near Clearcuts
CocaineDopamine {abd}Effects of Cocaine on Dopamine Receptors
col.abd {abd}Lattice theme for Analysis of Biological Data
Convictions {abd}Frequency of Convictions for a Cohort of English Boys
ConvictionsAndIncome {abd}Convictions and Income Level in a Cohort of English Boys
Crickets {abd}Immunity and Sperm Viability in Crickets
cumfreq {abd}Cumulative frequency plots
cv {abd}Coefficient of Variation