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panel.cumfreq {abd}Cumulative frequency plots
Penguins {abd}Penguin Heart Rate
PlantPersistence {abd}Population Persistence Times
Pollen {abd}Sterility in Hybrid Pollens
Powerball {abd}Powerball Tickets Sold
PrimateMetabolism {abd}Primate Metabolic Rates
PrimateWBC {abd}Primate White Blood Cell Counts and Promiscuity
print.odds.ratio {abd}Odds Ratio for 2X2 Contingency Tables
print.repeatability {abd}Repeatability
print.varcomps {abd}Variance Components
print.wilsonCI {abd}Wilson (Agresti-Coull) CI for a Binomial Proportion
ProgesteroneExercise {abd}Progesterone and Exercise
propCI {abd}Confidence Intervals and P-values for a Mean
Pseudoscorpions {abd}Multiple Mating in Pseudoscorpions
Pufferfish {abd}Pufferfish Mimicry
pval {abd}Confidence Interval