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Reference index for {ade4}

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Function/ClassDescription {ade4}Phylogenies and quantitative traits from Abouheif
acacia {ade4}Spatial pattern analysis in plant communities
acm.burt {ade4}Multiple Correspondence Analysis
add.position.triangle {ade4}Triangular Plotting
add.scatter {ade4}Add graphics to an existing plot
ade4 {ade4}The ade4 package
ade4toR {ade4}Format Change Utility
adegraphicsLoaded {ade4}Utility function to test if the package adegraphics is loaded
aminoacyl {ade4}Codon usage
amova {ade4}Analysis of molecular variance
apis108 {ade4}Allelic frequencies in ten honeybees populations at eight microsatellites loci
apqe {ade4}Apportionment of Quadratic Entropy
aravo {ade4}Distribution of Alpine plants in Aravo (Valloire, France)
ardeche {ade4}Fauna Table with double (row and column) partitioning
area.plot {ade4}Graphical Display of Areas
arrival {ade4}Arrivals at an intensive care unit {ade4}the class of objects 'kdist' (K distance matrices)
as.dudi {ade4}Duality Diagram
as.krandboot {ade4}Bootstrap simulations
as.krandtest {ade4}Class of the Permutation Tests (in C).