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Reference index for {ade4}

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c.kdist {ade4}the class of objects 'kdist' (K distance matrices)
c.ktab {ade4}the class of objects 'ktab' (K-tables)
cailliez {ade4}Transformation to make Euclidean a distance matrix
capitales {ade4}Road Distances
carni19 {ade4}Phylogeny and quantative trait of carnivora
carni70 {ade4}Phylogeny and quantitative traits of carnivora
carniherbi49 {ade4}Taxonomy, phylogenies and quantitative traits of carnivora and herbivora
casitas {ade4}Enzymatic polymorphism in Mus musculus
cca {ade4}Canonical Correspondence Analysis
char2genet {ade4}A class of data: tables of populations and alleles
chatcat {ade4}Qualitative Weighted Variables
chats {ade4}Pair of Variables
chazeb {ade4}Charolais-Zebus
chevaine {ade4}Enzymatic polymorphism in Leuciscus cephalus
chickenk {ade4}Veterinary epidemiological study to assess the risk factors for losses in broiler chickens
clementines {ade4}Fruit Production
cnc2003 {ade4}Frequenting movie theaters in France in 2003
coinertia {ade4}Coinertia Analysis
coleo {ade4}Table of Fuzzy Biological Traits
combine.4thcorner {ade4}Functions to compute the fourth-corner statistic