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Reference index for {ade4}

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deug {ade4}Exam marks for some students
disc {ade4}Rao's dissimilarity coefficient
discrimin {ade4}Linear Discriminant Analysis (descriptive statistic)
discrimin.coa {ade4}Discriminant Correspondence Analysis
dist.binary {ade4}Computation of Distance Matrices for Binary Data
dist.dudi {ade4}Computation of the Distance Matrix from a Statistical Triplet
dist.genet {ade4}Genetic distances from gene frequencies
dist.ktab {ade4}Mixed-variables coefficient of distance
dist.neig {ade4}Computation of the Distance Matrix associated to a Neighbouring Graph
dist.prop {ade4}Computation of Distance Matrices of Percentage Data
dist.quant {ade4}Computation of Distance Matrices on Quantitative Variables
dist.taxo {ade4}Taxonomy
divc {ade4}Rao's diversity coefficient also called quadratic entropy
divcmax {ade4}Maximal value of Rao's diversity coefficient also called quadratic entropy
dotchart.phylog {ade4}Representation of many quantitative variables in front of a phylogenetic tree
dotcircle {ade4}Representation of n values on a circle
doubs {ade4}Pair of Ecological Tables
dpcoa {ade4}Double principal coordinate analysis
dudi {ade4}Duality Diagram
dudi.acm {ade4}Multiple Correspondence Analysis