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Reference index for {ade4}

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radial.phylog {ade4}Plot phylogenies
randboot {ade4}Bootstrap simulations
randboot.multiblock {ade4}Bootstraped simulations for multiblock methods
randEH {ade4}Nee and May's random process
randtest {ade4}Class of the Permutation Tests (in C).
randtest.amova {ade4}Permutation tests on an analysis of molecular variance (in C).
randtest.between {ade4}Monte-Carlo Test on the between-groups inertia percentage (in C).
randtest.betwit {ade4}Between- and within-class double principal coordinate analysis
randtest.coinertia {ade4}Monte-Carlo test on a Co-inertia analysis (in C).
randtest.discrimin {ade4}Monte-Carlo Test on a Discriminant Analysis (in C).
randtest.dpcoa {ade4}Permutation test for double principal coordinate analysis (DPCoA)
randtest.pcaiv {ade4}Monte-Carlo Test on the percentage of explained (i.e. constrained) inertia
randtest.procuste {ade4}Simple Procruste Rotation between two sets of points
randxval {ade4}Two-fold cross-validation
rankrock {ade4}Ordination Table
reciprocal.coa {ade4}Reciprocal scaling after a correspondence analysis
reconst {ade4}Reconstitution of Data from a Duality Diagram
redo.dudi {ade4}Duality Diagram
rhizobium {ade4}Genetic structure of two nitrogen fixing bacteria influenced by geographical isolation and host specialization
rhone {ade4}Physico-Chemistry Data