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Reference index for {adehabitat}

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c.ltraj {adehabitat}Combine Bursts of Relocations in Objects of Class "ltraj"
capreochiz {adehabitat}GPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Chize (France)
capreotf {adehabitat}GPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Trois-Fontaines (France)
chamois {adehabitat}Location of Chamois Groups in the Chartreuse Mountains
Chi {adehabitat}The Chi Distribution
clusthr {adehabitat}Estimation of Home Range by Clustering
colasc {adehabitat}Creates a Vector of Colors for a Raster Map of Type 'factor'
compana {adehabitat}Compositional Analysis of Habitat Use
contour.asc {adehabitat}Displays a Color Image of a Matrix of Class 'asc'
convnum {adehabitat}Conversion from Factor to Numeric for Raster Map {adehabitat}Number of Points in Each Pixel of a Raster Map
cutltraj {adehabitat}Split Trajectories into Several Bursts