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Reference index for {adehabitat}

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gdltraj {adehabitat}Working with Trajectories: Specify a Time Period
getascattr {adehabitat}Copy the Attributes of an Object of Class 'asc' or 'kasc' to another Object
getburst {adehabitat}Working with Trajects in 2D Space
getcontour {adehabitat}Computes the Contour Polygon of a Raster Object
getkasc {adehabitat}Working with Several Raster Maps
getsahrlocs {adehabitat}Exploratory Analysis of Habitat Selection
getverticesclusthr {adehabitat}Estimation of Home Range by Clustering
getvolumeUD {adehabitat}Estimation of Kernel Home-Range
getvolumeUDk {adehabitat}Kernel Smoothing in Space and Time of the Animals' Use of Space
getXYcoords {adehabitat}Computes the X and Y Coordinates of the Pixels of a Raster Map
gnesfa {adehabitat}General Niche-Environment System Factor Analysis