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Reference index for {adehabitat}

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hbrown {adehabitat}Estimates the value of h for a Brownian motion
hist.enfa {adehabitat}Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
hist.kasc {adehabitat}Histograms of Mapped Variables
hist.kselect {adehabitat}K-Select Analysis: a Method to Analyse the Habitat Selection by Animals
hist.ltraj {adehabitat}Histogram of the Descriptive Parameters of a Trajectory
hist.madifa {adehabitat}The MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis Distances
histniche {adehabitat}Histograms of the Ecological Niche
hr.rast {adehabitat}Rasterisation of Objects of Class 'area'
hseal {adehabitat}Argos Monitoring of Hooded Seal