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Reference index for {adehabitat}

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madifa {adehabitat}The MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis Distances
mahasuhab {adehabitat}Habitat Suitability Mapping with Mahalanobis Distances.
managNAkasc {adehabitat}"Cleaning" Objects of Class 'kasc'
mapattr {adehabitat}Store Attributes of Maps of Class asc and kasc
mcp {adehabitat}Estimation of the Home Range Using the Minimum Convex Polygon Estimator
mcp.rast {adehabitat}Converts a Polygon to Raster
meanfpt {adehabitat}Computation of the First Passage Time From Trajectories
mindistkeep {adehabitat}Detecting Absence of Movement in an Object of Class 'ltraj'
modpartltraj {adehabitat}Segmentation of a trajectory based on Markov models
morphology {adehabitat}Morphology: Erosion or Dilatation of Features on a Raster Map
mouflon {adehabitat}GPS Monitoring of One Mouflon in the Caroux Mountain