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sahrlocs {adehabitat}Exploratory Analysis of Habitat Selection
sahrlocs2kselect {adehabitat}Preparation of K-Select Analysis
sahrlocs2niche {adehabitat}OMI Analysis of Radio-Tracking Data
scatter.enfa {adehabitat}Scatter Plot of the Results of the ENFA
scatter.esr {adehabitat}Eigenanalysis of Selection Ratios
scatter.madifa {adehabitat}The MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis Distances
scatterniche {adehabitat}Display the Niche in the Ecological Space
schoener {adehabitat}Compute Schoener's ratio
sd2df {adehabitat}Handling of Trajectories of the Same Duration
set.limits {adehabitat}Define the Same Time Limits for several Bursts in a Regular Trajectory
setmask {adehabitat}Applies a Mask on Objects of Class 'asc' or 'kasc'
setNA {adehabitat}Place Missing Values in Objects of Class 'ltraj'
sett0 {adehabitat}Round the Timing of Collection of Relocations to Obtain Regular Trajectory {adehabitat}Brownian bridge motion
simm.brown {adehabitat}Simulate a Bivariate Brownian Motion
simm.crw {adehabitat}Simulation of a Correlated Random Walk
simm.levy {adehabitat}Simulates a Levy Walk {adehabitat}Simulation of an Arithmetic Brownian Motion
simm.mou {adehabitat}Simulation of a Bivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process
sliwinltr {adehabitat}Apply a Function on an Object of Class "ltraj", Using a Sliding Window