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AffymetrixCelFile {aroma.affymetrix}

The AffymetrixCelFile class


Package: aroma.affymetrix
Class AffymetrixCelFile


Directly known subclasses:
ChipEffectFile, CnChipEffectFile, CnProbeAffinityFile, ExonChipEffectFile, ExonProbeAffinityFile, FirmaFile, ParameterCelFile, ProbeAffinityFile, QualityAssessmentFile, ResidualFile, SnpChipEffectFile, SnpProbeAffinityFile, WeightsFile

public abstract static class AffymetrixCelFile
extends AffymetrixFile

An AffymetrixCelFile object represents a single Affymetrix CEL file.


AffymetrixCelFile(..., cdf=NULL)


Arguments passed to AromaMicroarrayDataFile.
An optional AffymetrixCdfFile making it possible to override the default CDF file as specified by the CEL file header. The requirement is that its number of cells must match that of the CEL file. If NULL, the CDF structure is inferred from the the chip type as specified in the CEL file header.

Fields and Methods


extractMatrix -
getAm -
getCdf Gets the CDF structure for this CEL file.
getFileFormat -
getImage Creates an RGB Image object from a CEL file.
getUnitNamesFile -
getUnitTypesFile -
image270 Displays all or a subset of the data spatially.
nbrOfCells -
plotDensity Plots the density of the probe signals on the array.
plotImage Displays a spatial plot of a CEL file.
plotMvsA Plots log-ratio versus log-intensity in a scatter plot.
plotMvsX Plots log-ratio versus another variable in a scatter plot.
setCdf Sets the CDF structure for this CEL file.
smoothScatterMvsA Plots log-ratio versus log-intensity in a smooth scatter plot.
writeImage Writes a spatial image of the signals in the CEL file.

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For developers

If you subclass this class, please make sure to query the AffymetrixCdfFile object (see *getCdf()) whenever querying CDF information. Do not use the CDF file inferred from the chip type in CEL header, unless you really want it to be hardwired that way, otherwise you will break to possibility to override the CDF structure.

See Also

An object of this class is typically part of an AffymetrixCelSet.


Henrik Bengtsson

Documentation reproduced from package aroma.affymetrix, version 2.11.1. License: LGPL (>= 2.1)