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defaultSummary {caret}Calculates performance across resamples
densityplot.resamples {caret}Lattice Functions for Visualizing Resampling Results
densityplot.rfe {caret}Lattice functions for plotting resampling results of recursive feature selection
densityplot.train {caret}Lattice functions for plotting resampling results
dhfr {caret}Dihydrofolate Reductase Inhibitors Data
diff.resamples {caret}Inferential Assessments About Model Performance
dotPlot {caret}Create a dotplot of variable importance values
dotplot.diff.resamples {caret}Lattice Functions for Visualizing Resampling Differences
downSample {caret}Down- and Up-Sampling Imbalanced Data
dummyVars {caret}Create A Full Set of Dummy Variables