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panel.calibration {caret}Probability Calibration Plot
panel.lift2 {caret}Lattice Panel Functions for Lift Plots
panel.needle {caret}Needle Plot Lattice Panel
parallel.resamples {caret}Lattice Functions for Visualizing Resampling Results
pcaNNet.default {caret}Neural Networks with a Principal Component Step
pickSizeBest {caret}Backwards Feature Selection Helper Functions
plot.gafs {caret}Plot Method for the gafs and safs Classes
plot.rfe {caret}Plot RFE Performance Profiles
plot.train {caret}Plot Method for the train Class
plot.varImp.train {caret}Plotting variable importance measures
plotClassProbs {caret}Plot Predicted Probabilities in Classification Models
plotObsVsPred {caret}Plot Observed versus Predicted Results in Regression and Classification Models
plsda {caret}Partial Least Squares and Sparse Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis
posPredValue {caret}Calculate sensitivity, specificity and predictive values
postResample {caret}Calculates performance across resamples
pottery {caret}Pottery from Pre-Classical Sites in Italy
prcomp.resamples {caret}Principal Components Analysis of Resampling Results
predict.avNNet {caret}Neural Networks Using Model Averaging
predict.bag {caret}A General Framework For Bagging
predict.bagEarth {caret}Predicted values based on bagged Earth and FDA models