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Sacramento {caret}Sacramento CA Home Prices
safs.default {caret}Simulated annealing feature selection
safsControl {caret}Control parameters for GA and SA feature selection
safs_initial {caret}Ancillary simulated annealing functions
sbf {caret}Selection By Filtering (SBF)
sbfControl {caret}Control Object for Selection By Filtering (SBF)
segmentationData {caret}Cell Body Segmentation
sensitivity {caret}Calculate sensitivity, specificity and predictive values
SLC14_1 {caret}Simulation Functions
sortImp {caret}Internal Functions
spatialSign {caret}Compute the multivariate spatial sign
splom.resamples {caret}Lattice Functions for Visualizing Resampling Results
splsda.default {caret}Partial Least Squares and Sparse Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis
stripplot.rfe {caret}Lattice functions for plotting resampling results of recursive feature selection
stripplot.train {caret}Lattice functions for plotting resampling results
sumDiss {caret}Maximum Dissimilarity Sampling
summary.bagEarth {caret}Summarize a bagged earth or FDA fit
summary.diff.resamples {caret}Inferential Assessments About Model Performance
summary.resamples {caret}Collation and Visualization of Resampling Results
svmBag {caret}A General Framework For Bagging