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Reference index for {chemometrics}

alr {chemometrics}additive logratio transformation
ash {chemometrics}ash data
cereal {chemometrics}Data from cereals
chemometrics {chemometrics}This package is the R companion to the book "Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics" written by K. Varmuza and P. Filzmoser (2009).
clr {chemometrics}centered logratio transformation
clvalidity {chemometrics}compute and plot cluster validity
drawMahal {chemometrics}Draws ellipses according to Mahalanobis distances
glass {chemometrics}glass vessels data
glass.grp {chemometrics}glass types of the glass data
hyptis {chemometrics}Hyptis data set
ilr {chemometrics}isometric logratio transformation
knnEval {chemometrics}kNN evaluation by CV
lassocoef {chemometrics}Plot Lasso coefficients
lassoCV {chemometrics}CV for Lasso regression
lmCV {chemometrics}Repeated Cross Validation for lm
Moutlier {chemometrics}Plots classical and robust Mahalanobis distances
mvr_dcv {chemometrics}Repeated double-cross-validation for PLS and PCR
nipals {chemometrics}PCA calculation with the NIPALS algorithm
NIR {chemometrics}NIR data
nnetEval {chemometrics}Neural network evaluation by CV