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Reference index for {ggplot2}

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absoluteGrob {ggplot2}Absolute grob
accessors_print {ggplot2}Print accessors
add_group {ggplot2}Add group
add_missing_levels {ggplot2}Adding missing levels
add_theme {ggplot2}Modify properties of an element in a theme object
aes {ggplot2}Generate aesthetic mappings that describe how variables in the data are mapped to visual properties (aesthetics) of geoms.
aesdefaults {ggplot2}Aesthetic defaults
aes_all {ggplot2}Given a character vector, create a set of identity mappings
aes_auto {ggplot2}Automatic aesthetic mapping
aes_colour_fill_alpha {ggplot2}Colour related aesthetics: colour, fill and alpha
aes_group_order {ggplot2}Aesthetics: group, order
aes_linetype_size_shape {ggplot2}Differentiation related aesthetics: linetype, size, shape
aes_position {ggplot2}Position related aesthetics: x, y, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, xend, yend
aes_string {ggplot2}Generate aesthetic mappings from a string
aes_to_scale {ggplot2}Aesthetic to scale
all_examples_run {ggplot2}Run all examples
all_html_pages_create {ggplot2}Create all html documentation pages
all_rdoc_pages_create {ggplot2}Rebuild all rdoc documentation
alpha {ggplot2}alpha
annotate {ggplot2}Create an annotation layer.