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Reference index for {ggplot2}

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calc_element {ggplot2}Calculate the element properties, by inheriting properties from its parents
cbind.grobGrid {ggplot2}Experimental tools for create grids of grobs
ceiling_date {ggplot2}Ceiling for dates and times
check_breaks_and_labels {ggplot2}Check breaks and labels.
check_required_aesthetics {ggplot2}Check required aesthetics are present
clist {ggplot2}Concatenate a named list for output
col2hcl {ggplot2}Modify standard R colour in hcl colour space
collide {ggplot2}Collide
color {ggplot2}Colour related aesthetics: colour, fill and alpha
comma {ggplot2}Comma formatter
compare_img {ggplot2}Compare two images
compute_intercept {ggplot2}Compute intercept from data
continuous_scale {ggplot2}Continuous scale constructor.
Coord {ggplot2}See website for documentation
coord {ggplot2}New coordinate system.
Coord {ggplot2}Base ggproto classes for ggplot2
coord_cartesian {ggplot2}Cartesian coordinates.
coord_expand_defaults {ggplot2}Set the default expand values for the scale, if NA
coord_fixed {ggplot2}Cartesian coordinates with fixed relationship between x and y scales.
coord_flip {ggplot2}Flipped cartesian coordinates.