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Reference index for {ggplot2}

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panelGrob {ggplot2}ggplot plot
parse_unit_spec {ggplot2}Parse date time unit specification
percent {ggplot2}Percent formatter
plist {ggplot2}See website for documentation
plotmatrix {ggplot2}Code to create a scatterplot matrix (experimental)
plotmatrix {ggplot2}Plot templates.
plot_theme {ggplot2}Retrieve theme for a plot
Position {ggplot2}Base ggproto classes for ggplot2
position_dodge {ggplot2}Adjust position by dodging overlaps to the side.
position_fill {ggplot2}Stack overlapping objects on top of one another.
position_identity {ggplot2}Don't adjust position
position_jitter {ggplot2}Jitter points to avoid overplotting.
position_jitterdodge {ggplot2}Adjust position by simultaneously dodging and jittering
position_nudge {ggplot2}Nudge points.
position_stack {ggplot2}Stack overlapping objects on top of one another.
pos_dodge {ggplot2}Dodge overlapping interval
pos_fill {ggplot2}Stack overlapping intervals and set height to 1
pos_stack {ggplot2}Stack overlapping intervals
precision {ggplot2}Compute precision
predictdf {ggplot2}Prediction data frame