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Reference index for {ggplot2}

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theme {ggplot2}Set theme elements
theme_blank {ggplot2}Deprecated theme_xx functions
theme_bw {ggplot2}A theme with white background and black gridlines.
theme_bw {ggplot2}ggplot2 themes
theme_classic {ggplot2}A classic-looking theme, with x and y axis lines and no gridlines.
theme_grey {ggplot2}A theme with grey background and white gridlines.
theme_line {ggplot2}Theme element: line
theme_minimal {ggplot2}A minimalistic theme with no background annotations.
theme_rect {ggplot2}Theme element: rectangle
theme_render {ggplot2}Render a theme element
theme_segment {ggplot2}Theme element: segments
theme_text {ggplot2}Theme element: text
theme_update {ggplot2}Get, set and update themes.
time_breaks {ggplot2}Time breaks
TopLevel {ggplot2}See website for documentation
to_date {ggplot2}To date
to_time {ggplot2}To time
tr {ggplot2}Traceback alias
transform_position {ggplot2}Convenience function to transform all position variables.
translate_qplot_base {ggplot2}Translating between qplot and base graphics