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Various R programming tools for plotting data
Gregory R. Warnes. Includes R source code and/or documentation contributed by (in alphabetical order): Ben Bolker, Lodewijk Bonebakker, Robert Gentleman, Wolfgang Huber Andy Liaw, Thomas Lumley, Martin Maechler, Arni Magnusson, Steffen Moeller, Marc Schwartz, Bill Venables
Various R programming tools for plotting data
Package Version Released
gplots 2.8.0 5 years 49 weeks ago
gplots 2.7.4 6 years 27 weeks ago
gplots 2.7.3 6 years 30 weeks ago
gplots 2.7.2 6 years 32 weeks ago
gplots 2.7.1
gplots 2.6.0
gplots 2.3.2
gplots 2.12.1 2 years 31 weeks ago
gplots 2.11.3 2 years 47 weeks ago
gplots 3 years 7 weeks ago
Summary - the more you look, the more you find! heatmap.2 is probably the function that will lead you to gplots - has lovely documentation clearly listing what each option will do. balloonplot and...
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