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Reference index for {igraph}

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add.edges {igraph}Method for structural manipulation of graphs
add.vertex.shape {igraph}Various vertex shapes when plotting igraph graphs
adjacent.triangles {igraph}Count adjacenct triangles {igraph}Generate an evolving random graph with preferential attachment and aging
algorithm {igraph}Functions to deal with the result of network community detection
alpha.centrality {igraph}Find Bonacich alpha centrality scores of network positions
are.connected {igraph}Gaining information about graph structure
arpack {igraph}ARPACK eigenvector calculation
articulation.points {igraph}Articulation points of a graph
as.directed {igraph}Convert between directed and undirected graphs
as.igraph {igraph}Conversion to igraph
assortativity {igraph}Assortativity coefficient {igraph}Trait-based random generation
attribute.combination {igraph}How igraph functions handle attributes when the graph changes
attributes {igraph}Graph, vertex and edge attributes
authority.score {igraph}Kleinberg's centrality scores.
autocurve.edges {igraph}Optimal edge curvature when plotting graphs
average.path.length {igraph}Shortest (directed or undirected) paths between vertices