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Reference index for {igraph}

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page.rank {igraph}The Page Rank algorithm
Pajek {igraph}Reading foreign file formats
parent {igraph}Calculate Cohesive Blocks
path {igraph}Method for structural manipulation of graphs
path.length.hist {igraph}Shortest (directed or undirected) paths between vertices
permute.vertices {igraph}Permute the vertices of a graph
piecewise.layout {igraph}Merging graph layouts
plot.bgraph {igraph}Plot graphs and their cohesive block hierarchy
plot.igraph {igraph}Plotting of graphs
plot.sir {igraph}Plotting the results on multiple SIR model runs {igraph}Fitting a power-law distribution function to discrete data {igraph}Trait-based random generation
print.communities {igraph}Functions to deal with the result of network community detection
print.igraph {igraph}Print graphs to the terminal {igraph}Vertex and edge sequences and iterators
print.igraphHRG {igraph}Hierarchical random graphs
print.nexusDatasetInfo {igraph}Query and download from the Nexus network repository