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Lattice Graphics
Deepayan Sarkar <>
GPL (>= 2)
Lattice is a powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system, with an emphasis on multivariate data, that is sufficient for typical graphics needs, and is also flexible enough to handle most nonstandard requirements. See ?Lattice for an introduction.
Package Version Released
lattice 0.20-6 2 years 37 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-5 2 years 37 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-24 1 year 6 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-23 1 year 13 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-21 1 year 14 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-15 1 year 35 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-14 1 year 36 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-13 1 year 46 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-10 2 years 13 weeks ago
lattice 0.20-0 3 years 3 weeks ago
I use lattice for plotting longitudinal data (e.g., "spaghetti" plots) and some 3d scatterplots. It is easy to customize nearly every aspect of the plot, and the functions and arguments...
I use this package daily. Enormous thanks for the author. I will give try on ggplot2 which seems decent and versatile except for handling 3D plots. I have used plyr-- very good one. Big thank...
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