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An R package for biostatistics, public policy, and law
(in alphabetical order) Joseph L. Gastwirth <>; Yulia R. Gel <>; W. L. Wallace Hui <>; Vyacheslav Lyubchich <>; Weiwen Miao <>; Kimihiro Noguchi <>
GPL (>= 2)
An R software package on statistical tests widely utilized in biostatistics, public policy and law. Along with the well known tests for equality of means and variances, randomness, measures of relative variability etc, the package contains new robust tests of symmetry, omnibus and directional tests of normality, and their graphical counterparts such as Robust QQ plot; a robust trend tests for variances etc. All implemented tests and methods are illustrated by simulations and real-life examples from legal statistics, economics, and biostatistics.
Package Version Released
lawstat 2.4 3 years 20 weeks ago
lawstat 2.3 7 years 6 days ago
lawstat 2.2
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