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Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy (mada)
Philipp Doebler
This package provides functions for diagnostic meta-analysis. Next to basic analysis and visualization the bivariate Model of Reitsma et al. (2005) that is equivalent to the HSROC of Rutter&Gatsonis (2001) can be fitted. A new approach based to diagnostic meta-analysis of Holling et al. (2012) is also available. Standard methods like summary, plot and so on are provided.
Package Version Released
mada 0.5.4 3 years 12 weeks ago
mada 0.5.1 3 years 27 weeks ago
mada 0.5.0 3 years 28 weeks ago
mada 0.4.1 3 years 51 weeks ago
mada 0.4 4 years 5 days ago
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