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Reference index for {paleoTS}

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opt.covTrack {paleoTS}Covariate-tracking model
opt.GRW {paleoTS}Numerically find maximum likelihood solutions to evolutionary models
opt.GRW.shift {paleoTS}Functions for random walks with shifting parameters
opt.joint.GRW {paleoTS}Optimize evolutionary models (joint parameterization)
opt.joint.Mult {paleoTS}Functions to estimate models over multiple time-series
opt.joint.RW.Stasis {paleoTS}Fit models in which start in Stasis, and then shift to a random walk (or vice versa)
opt.punc {paleoTS}Analyze evolutionary models with unsampled punctuations
opt.RW.Mult {paleoTS}Functions to analyze multiple time-series jointly
opt.sgs {paleoTS}Analyze evolutionary models with well-sampled punctuations
ou.M {paleoTS}Simulate evolutionary time-series