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Reference index for {pmml}

addLT {pmml}Combines a given LocalTransformations Node with a preexisting PMML model
audit {pmml}Artificially constructed dataset
fileToXMLNode {pmml}Reads in a file and tries to parse it into an object of type XMLNode
pmml {pmml}Generate PMML for R objects
pmml.ada {pmml}Generate PMML for ada objects
pmml.coxph {pmml}Generate PMML for coxph objects {pmml}Generate PMML for glmnet objects
pmml.glm {pmml}Generate PMML for glm objects
pmml.hclust {pmml}Generate PMML for hclust objects
pmml.itemsets {pmml}Generate PMML for arules objects
pmml.kmeans {pmml}Generate PMML for kmeans objects
pmml.ksvm {pmml}Generate PMML for ksvm objects
pmml.lm {pmml}Generate PMML for lm objects
pmml.multinom {pmml}Generate PMML for multinom objects
pmml.naiveBayes {pmml}Generate PMML for naiveBayes objects
pmml.nnet {pmml}Generate PMML for nnet objects
pmml.randomForest {pmml}Generate PMML for randomForest objects
pmml.rfsrc {pmml}Generate PMML for rsf objects
pmml.rpart {pmml}Generate PMML for rpart objects
pmml.rsf {pmml}Generate PMML for a Random Survival Forest (rsf) object