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You are viewing package members beginning with the letter "R"

read.polyfile {rgeos}Read/Write polygon data
readWKT {rgeos}RGEOS WKT Functions
RGEOSArea {rgeos}Area of Geometry
RGEOSBoundary {rgeos}Boundary of Geometry
RGEOSBuffer {rgeos}Buffer Geometry
RGEOSContains {rgeos}Geometry Relationships - Contains and Within
RGEOSConvexHull {rgeos}Convex Hull of Geometry
RGEOSCrosses {rgeos}Geometry Relationships - Crosses and Overlaps
RGEOSDistance {rgeos}Distance between geometries
RGEOSEnvelope {rgeos}Envelope of Geometry
RGEOSEquals {rgeos}Geometry Relationships - Equality
RGEOSGetCentroid {rgeos}Centroid of Geometry
RGEOSIntersects {rgeos}Geometry Relationships - Intersects and Disjoint
RGEOSisEmpty {rgeos}Is Geometry Empty?
RGEOSisRing {rgeos}Is Geometry a Ring?
RGEOSisSimple {rgeos}Is Geometry Simple?
RGEOSisValid {rgeos}Is Geometry Valid?
RGEOSLength {rgeos}Length of Geometry
RGEOSPointOnSurface {rgeos}Point on Surface of Geometry
RGEOSRelate {rgeos}Geometry Relationships - Intersection Matrix Pattern (DE-9IM)