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Reference index for {sp}

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panel.spplot {sp}panel and panel utility functions for spplot
plot.SpatialGrid {sp}define spatial grid
plot.SpatialGridDataFrame {sp}Class "SpatialGridDataFrame"
plot.SpatialPixelsDataFrame {sp}Class "SpatialPixelsDataFrame" {sp}do point(s) fall in a given polygon?
Polygon {sp}create objects of class SpatialPolygons or SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
polygons {sp}sets spatial coordinates to create spatial data, or retrieves spatial coordinates
print.CRS {sp}Class "CRS" of coordinate reference system arguments
print.DMS {sp}Class "DMS" for degree, minute, decimal second values
print.SpatialPoints {sp}Class "SpatialPoints"
print.SpatialPointsDataFrame {sp}Class "SpatialPointsDataFrame"
print.summary.GridTopology {sp}Class "GridTopology"
print.summary.Spatial {sp}Class "Spatial"
print.summary.SpatialGrid {sp}Class "SpatialGrid"
print.summary.SpatialPixels {sp}Class "SpatialPixels"
proj4string {sp}Sets or retrieves projection attributes on classes extending SpatialData