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searchTwitter {twitteR}

Search twitter


This function will issue a search of Twitter based on a supplied search string.


searchTwitter(searchString, n=25, lang=NULL, since=NULL, until=NULL,
              locale=NULL, geocode=NULL, sinceID=NULL, maxID=NULL,
          resultType=NULL, retryOnRateLimit=120, ...)
Rtweets(n=25, lang=NULL, since=NULL, ...)


Search query to issue to twitter. Use "+" to separate query terms.
The maximum number of tweets to return
If not NULL, restricts tweets to the given language, given by an ISO 639-1 code
If not NULL, restricts tweets to those since the given date. Date is to be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
If not NULL, restricts tweets to those up until the given date. Date is to be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
If not NULL, will set the locale for the search. As of 03/06/11 only ja is effective, as per the Twitter API
If not NULL, returns tweets by users located within a given radius of the given latitude/longitude. See Details below for more information
If not NULL, returns tweets with IDs greater (ie newer) than the specified ID
If not NULL, returns tweets with IDs smaller (ie older) than the specified ID
If not NULL, returns filtered tweets as per value. See details for allowed values.
If non-zero the search command will block retry up to X times if the rate limit is experienced. This might lead to a much longer run time but the task will eventually complete if the retry count is high enough
Optional arguments to be passed to GET


These commands will return any authorized tweets which match the search criteria. Note that there are pagination restrictions as well as other limits on what can be searched, so it is always possible to not retrieve as many tweets as was requested with the n argument. Authorized tweets are public tweets as well as those protected tweets that are available to the user after authenticating via registerTwitterOAuth.

The searchString is always required. Terms can contain spaces, and multiple terms should be separated with "+".

For the geocode argument, the values are given in the format latitude,longitude,radius, where the radius can have either mi (miles) or km (kilometers) as a unit. For example geocode='37.781157,-122.39720,1mi'.

For the sinceID argument, if the requested ID value is older than the oldest available tweets, the API will return tweets starting from the oldest ID available.

For the maxID argument, tweets upto this ID value will be returned starting from the oldest ID available. Useful for paging.

The resultType argument specifies the type of search results received in API response. Default is mixed. Allowed values are mixed (includes popular + real time results), recent (returns the most recent results) and popular (returns only the most popular results).

The Rtweets function is a wrapper around searchTwitter which hardcodes in a search for #rstats.


A list of status objects

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## Not run:
      searchTwitter("#beer", n=100)
      ## Search between two dates
          searchTwitter('charlie sheen', since='2011-03-01', until='2011-03-02')
      ## geocoded results
      searchTwitter('patriots', geocode='42.375,-71.1061111,10mi')
    ## using resultType
    searchTwitter('world cup+brazil', resultType="popular", n=15)
    searchTwitter('from:hadleywickham', resultType="recent", n=10)
  ## End(Not run)


Jeff Gentry

Documentation reproduced from package twitteR, version 1.1.9. License: Artistic-2.0