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Reference index for {varSelRF}

basicClusterInit {varSelRF}Initialize a cluster of workstations
plot.varSelRF {varSelRF}Plot a varSelRF object
plot.varSelRFBoot {varSelRF}plot a varSelRFBoot object
randomVarImpsRF {varSelRF}Variable importances from random forest on permuted class labels
randomVarImpsRFplot {varSelRF}Plot random random variable importances
selProbPlot {varSelRF}Selection probability plot for variable importance from random forests
summary.varSelRFBoot {varSelRF}Summary of a varSelRFBoot object
varSelImpSpecRF {varSelRF}Variable selection using the "importance spectrum"
varSelRF {varSelRF}Variable selection from random forests using OOB error
varSelRFBoot {varSelRF}Bootstrap the variable selection procedure in varSelRF