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Package reference: G

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Package Description Delayed-Data Packages
G.S. Uses Grieg-Smith method on 2 dimentional spatial data
G1DBN A package performing Dynamic Bayesian Network inference.
G2Sd Grain-size Statistics and Description of Sediment
GA Genetic Algorithms
GA4Stratification A genetic algorithm approach to determine stratum boundaries and sample sizes of each stratum in stratified sampling
GAD GAD: Analysis of variance from general principles
gafit Genetic Algorithm for Curve Fitting
gains Gains Table Package
GAIPE Graphical Extension with Accuracy in Parameter Estimation (GAIPE)
galts Genetic algorithms and C-steps based LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) estimation
gam Generalized Additive Models
gamair Data for "GAMs: An Introduction with R"
GAMBoost Generalized linear and additive models by likelihood based boosting
gamboostLSS Boosting Methods for GAMLSS Models
gamclass Functions and data for a course on modern regression and classification
GAMens Applies GAMbag, GAMrsm and GAMens ensemble classifiers for binary classification
games Statistical Estimation of Game-Theoretic Models
gamesNws Playing games using a NWS Server
gamlr Gamma Lasso Regression
gamlss Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape.
gamlss.add GAMLSS Additive.
gamlss.cens Fitting an interval response variable using distributions GAMLSS Data.
gamlss.demo Demos for GAMLSS
gamlss.dist Distributions to be used for GAMLSS modelling. A GAMLSS add on package for fitting mixture distributions Fitting non linear parametric GAMLSS models Generating and fitting truncated ( distributions
gamlss.util GAMLSS Utilities.
gamm4 Generalized additive mixed models using mgcv and lme4
gammSlice Generalized additive mixed model analysis via slice sampling
GANPA Gene Association Network-based Pathway Analysis
GANPAdata The GANPA Datasets Package
gaoptim Genetic Algorithm optimization for real-based and permutation-based problems
gap Genetic analysis package
gaussDiff Difference measures for multivariate Gaussian probability density functions
gausspred Bayesian Classification with High-dimensional Gaussian Profiles
gaussquad Collection of functions for Gaussian quadrature
gazetools Gaze Tools
gb Generalize Lambda Distribution and Generalized Bootstrapping
GB2 Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind: properties, likelihood, estimation.
gbev Gradient Boosted Regression Trees with Errors-in-Variables
gbm Generalized Boosted Regression Models
gbRd Utilities for processing Rd objects and files
gbs Package for Generalized Birnbaum-Saunders Distributions
gcbd GPU/CPU Benchmarking in Debian-based systems
gcdnet A generalized coordinate descent (GCD) algorithm for computing the solution path of the hybrid Huberized support vector machine (HHSVM) and its generalization.