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High Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering
Laurent Bergé, Charles Bouveyron and Stéphane Girard
Discriminant analysis and data clustering methods for high dimensional data, based on the assumption that high-dimensional data live in different subspaces with low dimensionality proposing a new parametrization of the Gaussian mixture model which combines the ideas of dimension reduction and constraints on the model.
Package Version Released
HDclassif 1.2.2 3 years 25 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.2.1 4 years 25 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.2 4 years 47 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.1.3 5 years 11 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.1.2 5 years 20 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.1.1 5 years 27 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.1 5 years 32 weeks ago
HDclassif 1.0 5 years 48 weeks ago
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