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Harrell Miscellaneous
Frank E Harrell Jr <>, with contributions from many other users.
GPL (>= 2)
The Hmisc package contains many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size and power, importing datasets, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of S objects to LaTeX code, and recoding variables.
Package Version Released
Hmisc 3.9-3 2 years 51 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.9-2 3 years 6 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.9-1 3 years 10 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.9-0 3 years 20 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.8-3 4 years 28 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.8-2 4 years 38 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.8-1 4 years 42 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.8-0 4 years 46 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.7-0.1 4 years 47 weeks ago
Hmisc 3.7-0 5 years 29 weeks ago
After searching many alternatives I found the latex() function in this package. Its the most flexible and easy to use method to get nicely formatted and coloured tables in Sweave output. I use it to...
This package is loaded in my startup file, and I can't imagine working without it. The documentation is top-notch, and includes an extensive user guide. There are many gems in this package,...
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