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Package reference: J

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Package Description
jaatha A Fast Parameter Estimation Method for Evolutionary Biology
jackknifeKME Jackknife estimates of Kaplan-Meier estimators or integrals.
JADE JADE and other BSS methods as well as some BSS performance criteria
JASPAR R modules for JASPAR databases: a collection of transcription factor DNA-binding preferences, modeled as matrices.
JavaGD Java Graphics Device
JGL Performs the Joint Graphical Lasso for sparse inverse covariance estimation on multiple classes
JGR JGR - Java GUI for R
jit Just-in-time compiler for the R language
JJcorr Calculates polychorical correlations for several copula families.
JLLprod Nonparametric Estimation of Homothetic and Generalized Homothetic Production Functions
JM Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
JMbayes Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data under a Bayesian Approach
jmec Fit joint model for event and censoring with cluster-level frailties
Jmisc Julian Miscellaneous Function
JMLSD Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data - Power Calculation
Johnson Johnson Transformation
JohnsonDistribution Johnson Distribution
joineR Joint modelling of repeated measurements and time-to-event data
jointDiag Joint Approximate Diagonalization of a set of square matrices
JointGLM Joint Modelling of Mean and Dispersion (outdated, see package JointModeling)
JointModeling Joint Modelling of Mean and Dispersion
JointRegBC Joint Modelling of Mixed Correlated Binary and Continuous Responses : A Latent Variable Approach
JOP Joint Optimization Plot
JoSAE Functions for unit-level small area estimators and their variances
jpeg Read and write JPEG images
JPSurv Methods for population-based cancer survival analysis
jtrans Johnson transformation for normality.
JudgeIt JudgeIt: A Program for Evaluating Electoral Systems and Redistricting Plans
Julia Fractal Image Data Generator
jvmr Integration of R, Java, and Scala