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Package reference: L

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Package Description
l2boost l2boost - Friedman's boosting algorithm for regularized linear regression
labdsv Ordination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology
labeledLoop Labeled Loop
labeling Axis Labeling
labeltodendro Convert labels or tables to a dendrogram
labstatR Libreria del Laboratorio di Statistica con R
laeken Estimation of indicators on social exclusion and poverty
laercio Duncan test, Tukey test and Scott-Knott test.
LaF Fast access to large ASCII files
lago An efficient kernel algorithm for rare target detection and unbalanced classification
Lahman Sean Lahman's Baseball Database
lambda.r Functional programming in R
Lambda4 Collection of Internal Consistency Reliability Coefficients.
LambertW Analyze and Gaussianize skewed, heavy-tailed data
lancet.iraqmortality Surveys of Iraq Mortality Published in The Lancet
landsat Radiometric and topographic correction of satellite imagery
languageR Data sets and functions with "Analyzing Linguistic Data: A practical introduction to statistics".
LaplacesDemon Complete Environment for Bayesian Inference
LARF LARF: Local Average Response Functions for Estimating Treatment Effects
LargeRegression Large Regressions
lars Least Angle Regression, Lasso and Forward Stagewise
laser Likelihood Analysis of Speciation/Extinction Rates from Phylogenies
lasso2 L1 constrained estimation aka `lasso'
lassoshooting L1 regularized regression (Lasso) solver using the Cyclic Coordinate Descent algorithm aka Lasso Shooting Utility for returning previous commands as unevaluated calls and the full context of function calls.
latdiag Draws diagrams useful for checking latent scales
latentnet Latent position and cluster models for statistical networks
latentnetHRT Latent position and cluster models for statistical networks
Laterality Functions to calculate common laterality statistics in primatology.
lattice Lattice Graphics
latticeDensity Density estimation and nonparametric regression on irregular regions
latticedl Lattice direct labels
latticeExtra Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice
LatticeKrig Multiresolution Kriging based on Markov random fields
latticist A graphical user interface for exploratory visualisation
lava Linear Latent Variable Models
lava.tobit LVM with censored and binary outcomes
lavaan Latent Variable Analysis
lavaan.survey Complex survey structural equation modeling (SEM)
lawstat An R package for biostatistics, public policy, and law
lazy Lazy Learning for Local Regression
lazyData A LazyData Facility
lazyWeave LaTeX Wrappers for R Users
lbiassurv Length-biased correction to survival curve estimation.
LCAextend Latent Class Analysis (LCA) with familial dependence in extended pedigrees
lcd Learn Chain graphs via Decomposition
lcda Latent Class Discriminant Analysis