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Package reference: M

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Package Description
M3 Reading M3 files
maanova Tools for analyzing Micro Array experiments
MAc Meta-Analysis with Correlations
MAclinical Class prediction based on microarray data and clinical parameters
MAd Meta-Analysis with Mean Differences
mada Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy (mada)
MADAM This package provides some basic methods for meta-analysis
madsim A Flexible Microarray Data Simulation Model
Maeswrap Wrapper functions for MAESTRA/MAESPA.
magic create and investigate magic squares
magicaxis Pretty scientific plotting with minor-tick and log minor-tick support
magma Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures
magnets Simulate micro-magnets dynamics
mail Sending Email Notifications from R
MAINT.Data Model and Analize Interval Data
makeProject Creates an empty package framework for the LCFD format
makesweave Literate Programming with Make and Sweave
MALDIquant Quantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
MALDIquantForeign Import/Export routines for MALDIquant
mallet A wrapper around the Java machine learning tool MALLET
MAMA Meta-Analysis of MicroArray
MAMS Designing Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
MAMSE Calculation of Minimum Averaged Mean Squared Error (MAMSE) weights.
Mangrove Risk prediction on trees
mapdata Extra Map Databases
MapGAM Mapping Smoothed Odds Ratios from Individual-Level Data
mapLD Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping
MAPLES Smoothed age profile estimation
mapplots Data visualisation on maps
mapproj Map Projections
mapReduce mapReduce - flexible mapReduce algorithm for parallel computation
maps Draw Geographical Maps
maptools Tools for reading and handling spatial objects
maptree Mapping, pruning, and graphing tree models
mAr Multivariate AutoRegressive analysis
MAR1 Multivariate Autoregressive Modeling for Analysis of Community Time-Series Data
mar1s Multiplicative AR(1) with Seasonal Processes
marelac Tools for Aquatic Sciences
marelacTeaching Datasets and tutorials for use in aquatic sciences
marg Approximate marginal inference for regression-scale models
margie Log Marginal Likelihood of Gaussian Mixture
marginalmodelplots Marginal Mean Model Plots
marginTree marginTree: margin trees for high-dimensional classification
margLikArrogance Marginal Likelihood Computation via Arrogance Sampling
markdown Markdown rendering for R
marked R Code for mark-recapture analysis
MarkedPointProcess Analysis of Marks of Marked Point Processes