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Package Description
nacopula Nested Archimedean Copulas
NADA Nondetects And Data Analysis for environmental data
nadiv Functions to construct (non)additive genetic relatedness matrices and facilitate animal model analyses
namespace Provide namespace managment functions not (yet) present in base R
nanop Tools for Nanoparticle Simulation and Calculation of PDF and Total Scattering Structure Function
NanoStringNorm Normalize NanoString miRNA and mRNA data
naturalsort Natural Ordering
NbClust An examination of indices for determining the number of clusters : NbClust Package
NBDdirichlet NBD-Dirichlet model of consumer buying behavior for marketing research
nbpMatching functions for non-bipartite optimal matching
NBPSeq Negative Binomial Models for RNA-Sequencing Data
nCal Nonlinear Calibration
NCBI2R NCBI2R-An R package to navigate and annotate genes and SNPs
ncbit retrieve and build NBCI taxonomic data
ncdf Interface to Unidata netCDF data files
ncdf4 Interface to Unidata netCDF (version 4 or earlier) format data files
nCDunnett Noncentral Dunnett's test distribution
ncf spatial nonparametric covariance functions
ncg Computes the noncentral gamma function
NCmisc Miscellaneous general purpose functions
ncomplete ncomplete
ncvar High-level R Interface to NetCDF Datasets
ncvreg Regularization paths for SCAD- and MCP-penalized regression models
ndl Naive Discriminative Learning
ndtv Network Dynamic Temporal Visualizations
ndvits NDVI Time series extraction and analysis
neariso Near-Isotonic Regression
NeatMap Non-clustered heatmap alternatives
needy needy
negenes Estimating the number of essential genes in a genome
neldermead R port of the Scilab neldermead module
NeMo Exceptionnal Network Motifs in biological networks
nephro Biostatistics utilities for nephrology
NestedCohort Survival Analysis for Cohorts with Missing Covariate Information
netClass netClass: An R Package for Network-Based Biomarker Discovery
NetCluster Clustering for networks
NetComp Network Generation and Comparison
NetData Network Data for McFarland's SNA R labs
NetIndices Estimating network indices, including trophic structure of foodwebs in R
netmeta Network meta-analysis with R
netmodels Tools for the study of scale free and small world networks
nets Network Estimation for Time Series
netweavers NetWeAvers: Weighted Averages for Networks
network Classes for Relational Data
NetworkAnalysis Statistical inference on populations of weighted or unweighted networks.
networkDynamic Dynamic Extensions for Network Objects
networksis Simulate bipartite graphs with fixed marginals through sequential importance sampling