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Package reference: O

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Package Description
OAIHarvester Harvest Metadata Using OAI-PMH v2.0
Oarray Arrays with arbitrary offsets
objectProperties A factory of self-describing properties.
objectSignals objectSignals
obliclus Cluster-based factor rotation
oblique.tree Oblique Trees for Classification Data
obliqueRF Oblique Random Forests from Recursive Linear Model Splits
obsSens Sensitivity analysis for Observational studies.
oc OC Roll Call Analysis Software.
oce Analysis of Oceanographic data
ocomposition Gibbs sampler for ordered compositional data
ODB Open Document Databases (.odb) management
odesolve Solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations
odfWeave Sweave processing of Open Document Format (ODF) files
odfWeave.survey Support for odfWeave on the survey package
ODMconverter tools to convert ODM files
odprism Optimal design and performance of random intercept and slope models.
oem Orthogonalizing Expectation maximization
ofp Object-Functional Programming.
ofw Optimal Feature Weighting algorithm
Ohmage R Client for Mobilize/Andwellness server
OIdata Data sets and supplements (OpenIntro)
OjaNP Multivariate Methods Based on the Oja Median and Related Concepts
okmesonet Retrieve Oklahoma Mesonet climatological data
OligoSpecificitySystem Oligo Specificity System
omd filter the molecular descriptors for QSAR
OmicKriging OmicKriging for Phenotypic Prediction
oncomodel Maximum likelihood tree models for oncogenesis
Oncotree Estimating oncogenetic trees
onemap Software for constructing genetic maps in experimental crosses: full-sib, RILs, F2 and backcrosses
OneTwoSamples Deal with one and two (normal) samples
onion octonions and quaternions
OOmisc Ozgur-Ozlem Miscellaneous
oosp Object Oriented Statistical Programming
OpasnetUtils Utility functions for dealing with data in Opasnet ( environment.
OPDOE OPtimal Design Of Experiments
OPE Outer-product emulator
opefimor Option Pricing and Estimation of Financial Models in R
openair Tools for the analysis of air pollution data
OpenCL Interface allowing R to use OpenCL
opencpu.encode opencpu object encoder/decoder
openintro OpenIntro data sets and supplemental functions
OpenMPController Control number of OpenMP threads dynamically
openNLP Apache OpenNLP Tools Interface