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Package reference: P

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Package Description
p2distance Welfare's Synthetic Indicator
p3state.msm Analyzing survival data
pa Performance Attribution for Equity Portfolios
pacbpred PAC-Bayesian Estimation and Prediction in Sparse Additive Models.
PACE PACE package
pack Convert values to/from raw vectors
packClassic Toy example of Pack Classic
packdep Mapping dependencies among R packages
packHV A few useful functions for statisticians
packS4 Toy example of S4 package
pacose iPACOSE, PACOSE and other methods for covariance selection
PAGI The package can identify the dysregulated KEGG pathways based on global influence from the internal effect of pathways and crosstalk between pathways.
pairedCI Confidence intervals for the ratio of locations and for the ratio of scales of two paired samples
PairedData Paired Data Analysis
PairTrading classical pair trading based on cointegration in finance
PairViz Visualization using Eulerian tours and Hamiltonian decompositions
pairwise Rasch Model Parameters by Pairwise Algorithm
pairwiseCI Confidence intervals for two sample comparisons
palaeoSig Significance tests for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions
paleoMAS Paleoecological Analysis
paleoTS Analyze paleontological time-series
paleoTSalt Modeling evolution in paleontological time-series (alternate paramaterization)
paloma Poisson Approximation for LOcal Motif Assessment
paltran WA, WA-PLS, MW for paleolimnology
pamctdp Principal Axes Methods for Contingency Tables with Partition Structures on Rows and Columns
PamGeneMixed Preprocessing and Modeling Kinase Activity Profiles in PamChip Data
pamm Power analysis for random effects in mixed models
pamr Pam: prediction analysis for microarrays
pan Multiple imputation for multivariate panel or clustered data
pander An R pandoc writer
panel Panel
papeR A toolbox for writing Sweave or other LaTeX-based papers and reports
papply Parallel apply function using MPI
parallelize.dynamic Automate parallelization of function calls by means of dynamic code analysis
ParamHelpers Helpers for parameters in black-box optimization, tuning and machine learning.
paramlink Parametric linkage analysis in R
paran Horn's Test of Principal Components/Factors
pARccs Estimation of attributable and partial attributable risks (AR and PAR) and visualization of attributable risks from case-control data
pARccs Estimation of attributable and partial attributable risks (AR and PAR) and visualization of attributable risks from case-control data
PARccs Estimation of partial attributable risks (PAR) from case-control data
parcor Regularized estimation of partial correlation matrices
ParDNAcopy parallel implementation of the "segment" function of package "DNAcopy"
parfossil Parallelized functions for palaeoecological and palaeogeographical analysis