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Package reference: Q

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Package Description
qAnalyst Control Charts, Capability and Distribution Identification
qat Quality Assurance Toolkit
QCA Qualitative Comparative Analysis
QCA3 Yet another package for Qualitative Comparative Analysis
QCAGUI QCA Graphical User Interface
qcc Quality Control Charts
qdap Bridging the gap between qualitative data and quantitative analysis
qdg QTL directed graphs
qfa Tools for modelling the growth dynamics of arrays of large numbers of colonies and performing quantitative fitness analysis (QFA).
qgen Quantitative Genetics using R
qgraph Network representations of relationships in data
qLearn Estimation and inference for Q-learning
qlspack Quasi Least Square Package
QLSpline QLSpline
qmap Statistical transformations for post-processing climate model output
qmrparser Parser combinator in R
qp q-order partial correlation graph search algorithm
qpcR Modelling and analysis of real-time PCR data
qPCR.CT qPCR data analysis and plot package
qqplotter Quantile-quantile analysis of 24-hr precipitation using a frame work based on the exponential distribution
qrfactor Simultaneous simulation of Q and R mode factor analyses with Spatial data
QRM Provides R-language code to examine Quantitative Risk Management concepts
QRMlib Provides R-language code to examine Quantitative Risk Management concepts
qrnn Quantile regression neural network
QSARdata Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) Data Sets
QT QT Knowledge Management System
qtbase Interface between R and Qt
qtl Tools for analyzing QTL experiments
qtlbim QTL Bayesian Interval Mapping
qtlbook Datasets for the R/qtl book
qtlDesign Design of QTL experiments
qtlhot Inference for QTL Hotspots
qtlmt Tools for mapping multiple complex traits
qtlnet Causal Inference of QTL Networks
QTLNetworkR Interactive software package for QTL visualization
QTLRel Tools for mapping of quantitative traits of genetically related individuals and calculating identity coefficients from a pedigree
qtpaint Qt-based painting infrastructure
qtutils Miscellaneous Qt-based utilities
QuACN QuACN: Quantitative Analysis of Complex Networks
quadprog Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems.
quadrupen Sparsity by Worst-Case Quadratic Penalties
qualityTools Statistical Methods for Quality Science
qualV Qualitative Validation Methods
Quandl Quandl Data Connection
quantchem Quantitative chemical analysis: calibration and evaluation of results
quantmod Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework
QuantPsyc Quantitative Psychology Tools
quantreg Quantile Regression