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Package reference: R

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Package Description
rpanel Simple interactive controls for R using the tcltk library.
rpart Recursive Partitioning
rpart.permutation Permutation testing of rpart models
rpart.plot Plot rpart models. An enhanced version of plot.rpart.
rpartOrdinal Ordinal classification tree functions
rpartScore Classification trees for ordinal responses
RPCLR RPCLR (Random-Penalized Conditional Logistic Regression)
rpf Response Probability Functions
RpgSQL DBI/RJDBC interface to PostgreSQL Database
rphast R interface to PHAST software for comparative genomics
rPlant R interface to the iPlant Discovery Environment
rplos Interface to PLoS Journals search API.
rplotengine R as a plotting engine
RPMG Graphical User Interface (GUI) for interactive R analysis sessions
RPMM Recursively Partitioned Mixture Model
Rpoppler PDF tools based on Poppler
rPorta R/PORTA interface
rportfolios Random portfolio generation
RPostgreSQL R interface to the PostgreSQL database system
RPPanalyzer Reads, annotates, and normalizes reverse phase protein array data
RProtoBuf R Interface to the Protocol Buffers API
rpsychi Statistics for psychiatric research
rpubchem rpubchem - Interface to the PubChem Collection
rpud R functions for computation on GPU
rpvm R interface to PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
RPyGeo ArcGIS Geoprocessing in R via Python
rPython Package allowing R to call Python
RQDA R-based Qualitative Data Analysis
rqmcmb2 Markov Chain Marginal Bootstrap for Quantile Regression
RQuantLib R interface to the QuantLib library
Rramas Matrix population models
rrBLUP Ridge regression and other kernels for genomic selection
rrBlupMethod6 Re-parametrization of RR-BLUP to allow for a fixed residual variance
rrcov Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
rrcovHD Robust multivariate Methods for High Dimensional Data
rrcovNA Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point for Incomplete Data
rrdf rrdf - support for the Resource Description Framework
rrdflibs rrdflibs - package with Jena and Apache HTTP libraries for use with rrdf
rredis Redis client for R
rreval Remote R Evaluator (rreval)
RRF Regularized Random Forest
rriskBayes Predefined Bayes models fitted with Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) (related to the 'rrisk' project)
rriskDistributions Fitting distributions to given data or known quantiles
rrlda Robust Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis
rrp Random Recursive Partitioning
rrules Generic rule engine for R
rrv Random Return Variables
RSA Response surface analysis
Rsac Seismic analysis tools in R