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Data sets from "SAS System for Mixed Models"
Original by Littell, Milliken, Stroup, and Wolfinger, modifications by Douglas Bates <>, Martin Maechler, Ben Bolker and Steven Walker
GPL (>= 2)
Data sets and sample lmer analyses corresponding to the examples in Littell, Milliken, Stroup and Wolfinger (1996), "SAS System for Mixed Models", SAS Institute.
Package Version Released
SASmixed 1.0-3 51 weeks 3 days ago
SASmixed 1.0-1 2 years 48 weeks ago
SASmixed 1.0-0 3 years 30 weeks ago
SASmixed 0.5-1 4 years 46 weeks ago
SASmixed 0.4-4
SASmixed 0.4-2
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