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Shrinkage Discriminant Analysis and CAT Score Variable Selection
Miika Ahdesmaki, Verena Zuber, Sebastian Gibb, and Korbinian Strimmer
GPL (>= 3)
This package provides an efficient framework for high-dimensional linear and diagonal discriminant analysis with variable selection. The classifier is trained using James-Stein-type shrinkage estimators and predictor variables are ranked using CAT scores (correlation-adjusted t-scores). Variable selection error is controlled using false non-discovery rates or higher criticism scores.
Package Version Released
sda 1.3.1 1 year 8 weeks ago
sda 1.3.0 1 year 26 weeks ago
sda 1.2.4 1 year 30 weeks ago
sda 1.2.3 1 year 48 weeks ago
sda 1.2.2 2 years 10 weeks ago
sda 1.2.1 2 years 40 weeks ago
sda 1.2.0 3 years 17 weeks ago
sda 1.1.0
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