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Package Description
tableplot Represents tables as semi-graphic displays
tables Formula-driven table generation
tabplot Tableplot, a visualization of large datasets
tabplotd3 Tabplotd3, interactive inspection of large data
tabplotGTK A graphical user interface for the tabplot package
tabuSearch R based tabu search algorithm
tagcloud Tag Clouds
TAHMMAnnot Mixture model approach to compare two samples of Tiling Array data
TAM Test Analysis Modules
TANOVA Time Course Analysis of Variance for Microarray
TapeR Flexible tree taper curves based on Semiparametric Mixed Models.
taRifx.geo Collection of various spatial functions
taskPR Task-Parallel R Package
tau Text Analysis Utilities
TauP.R Earthquake Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Earth Models
tawny Provides various portfolio optimization strategies including random matrix theory and shrinkage estimators
taxize Taxonomic information from around the web.
Taxonstand Taxonomic standardization of plant species names
tbart Teitz and Bart p-median algorithm
tbdiag Functions for tuberculosis diagnostics research
TBSSurvival TBS Model R package
TCC TCC: Differential expression analysis for tag count data with robust normalization strategies
tcltk2 Tcl/Tk Additions
tclust Robust Trimmed Clustering
TDD Time-Domain Deconvolution of Seismometer Response
tdist Distribution of a linear combination of independent Student's t-variables
tdm A Tool for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)
TDMR Tuned Data Mining in R
tdthap TDT tests for extended haplotypes
TeachingDemos Demonstrations for teaching and learning
TeachingSampling Sampling designs and parameter estimation in finite population
teigen Model-based clustering and classification with the multivariate t-distribution
tempdisagg Methods for Temporal Disaggregation and Interpolation of Time Series
tensor Tensor product of arrays
tensorA Advanced tensors arithmetic with named indices
TEQR Target Equivalence Range Design
TERAplusB Test for A+B Traditional Escalation Rule
tergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evoluation based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
termstrc Zero-coupon Yield Curve Estimation
ternvis Visualisation, verification and calibration of ternary probabilistic forecasts
TESS Fast simulation of reconstructed phylogenetic trees under time-dependent birth-death processes
tester Tests and checks characteristics of R objects
testit A simple package for testing R packages
TestScorer GUI for entering test items and obtaining raw and transformed scores
TestSurvRec Statistical tests to compare two survival curves with recurrent events
testthat Testthat code. Tools to make testing fun :)