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Package Description
texmex Threshold exceedences and multivariate extremes
TExPosition Two-table ExPosition
texreg Conversion of R regression output to LaTeX or HTML tables.
textcat N-Gram Based Text Categorization
textir Inverse Regression for Text Analysis
textometry Textual Data Analysis Package used by the TXM Software
TextRegression Predict continuous valued outputs associated with text documents.
tfer Forensic Glass Transfer Probabilities
tfplot Time Frame User Utilities
tframe Time Frame coding kernel
tframePlus Time Frame coding kernel extensions
TFX R API to TrueFX(tm)
tgp Bayesian treed Gaussian process models
tgram Functions to compute and plot tracheidograms
TGUICore Teaching GUI - Core functionality
TGUITeaching Teaching GUI - prototype
thgenetics Genetic Rare Variants Tests
ThreeGroups ML Estimator for Baseline-Placebo-Treatment (Three-group) designs
ThreeWay Three-way component analysis
threg Threshold Regression
ThresholdROC Optimum threshold estimation based on cost function in a two and three state setting
tibbrConnector R interface to tibbr
Tides Tides
tiff Read and write TIFF images
tiger TIme series of Grouped ERrors
tightClust Tight Clustering
tikzDevice A Device for R Graphics Output in PGF/TikZ Format
tileHMM Hidden Markov Models for ChIP-on-Chip Analysis
TilePlot Characterization of functional genes in complex microbial communities using tiling DNA microarrays
tilting Variable selection via Tilted Correlation Screening algorithm
time Time tracking for developers
timeDate Rmetrics - Chronological and Calendar Objects
timeit Easy profiling of R functions
timeline Timelines for a Grammar of Graphics
TimeMachine Time Machine
timeordered Time-ordered and time-aggregated network analyses
TimeProjection Time Projections
timereg Flexible regression models for survival data.
timeROC Time-dependent ROC curve and AUC for censored survival data
timesboot Bootstrap computations for time series objects
timeSeries Rmetrics - Financial Time Series Objects
TimeWarp Date calculations and manipulation
TIMP a problem solving environment for fitting separable nonlinear models in physics and chemistry applications
timsac TIMe Series Analysis and Control package
Tinflex Tinflex - Universal non-uniform random number generator
TinnR Resources of Tinn-R GUI/Editor for R Environment
TInPosition Inference tests for TExPosition