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Package reference: W

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Package Description
W2CWM2C The W2CWM2C package is a set of functions to produce new graphical tools for wavelet correlation (bivariate and multivariate cases) using some routines from the waveslim and wavemulcor packages
waffect A package to simulate constrained phenotypes under a disease model H1
walkscoreAPI Walk Score and Transit Score API
WARN Weaning Age Reconstruction with Nitrogen isotope analysis
wasim Visualisation and analysis of output files of the hydrological model WASIM
waterData An R Package for Retrieval, Analysis, and Anomaly Calculation of Daily Hydrologic Time Series Data
waterfall Waterfall Charts in R
waveband Computes credible intervals for Bayesian wavelet shrinkage
WaveCD Wavelet change point detection for array CGH data
WaveCGH Wavelet Changepoint Detection for Array CGH
waveclock Time-frequency analysis of cycling cell luminescence data
waved Wavelet Deconvolution
WaveletCo Wavelet Coherence Analysis
wavelets A package of functions for computing wavelet filters, wavelet transforms and multiresolution analyses
wavemulcor Wavelet routine for multiple correlation
waveslim Basic wavelet routines for one-, two- and three-dimensional signal processing
wavethresh Wavelets statistics and transforms.
wccsom SOM networks for comparing patterns with peak shifts
WCQ Detection of QTL effects in a small mapping population
WDI World Development Indicators (World Bank)
weathermetrics Functions to convert between weather metrics
WebDevelopR Website development package for R
websockets HTML 5 Websocket Interface for R
webvis Create graphics for the web from R.
WeedMap Map of weed intensity
WeightedCluster Clustering of Weighted Data
weightedKmeans Weighted KMeans Clustering
WeightedPortTest Weighted Portmanteau Tests for Time Series Goodness-of-fit
weightedScores Weighted scores method for regression with dependent data
weights Weighting and Weighted Statistics
weirs A Hydraulics Package to Compute Open-Channel Flow over Weirs
wethepeople An R client for interacting with the White House's "We The People" petition API.
wfe Weighted Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference
wgaim Whole Genome Average Interval Mapping for QTL detection using mixed models
WGCNA Weighted Correlation Network Analysis
wgsea Wilcoxon based gene set enrichment analysis
WhatIf WhatIf: Software for Evaluating Counterfactuals
whisker {{mustache}} for R, logicless templating
widals Weighting by Inverse Distance with Adaptive Least Squares for Massive Space-Time Data
widenet Penalized Regression with Polynomial Basis Expansions
wikibooks Functions and datasets of the german WikiBook "GNU R"
WilcoxCV Wilcoxon-based variable selection in cross-validation
wild1 R Tools for Wildlife Research and Management
WINRPACK Read in WIN format data
witness This package fits eyewitness data using Clark's (2003) WITNESS model
wle Weighted Likelihood Estimation
WMBrukerParser William and Mary Parser For Bruker-Ultraflex Mass Spec Data
WMCapacity GUI implementing Bayesian working memory models
WMDB Discriminant Analysis Methods by Weight Mahalanobis Distance and bayes